Fallout: Exodus: The Road to Funk

So we killed 2 radioactive moths inside of the abandoned building that had the feral cats in front of it. That was fine, all fine, except then we were almost murdered by the spider swarms upstairs. I know guys. I know. I made that conflict way to hard, and you were rolling like crap, luckily Sheriff Petey saved the day.

So you only got paid 200 coins and made out with half the loot you were promised. Still have your lives though, and that’s what counts.

That’s when you realized the 3 days you were unconscious left you with precious little time to make it back to New Reno so you could meet up with Courier Six and run that Caravan out to souther Utah. LUckly you made it,but not before being stopped by a man at the gates who asked you to give a letter to someone in New Reno named Maria Saint Lawrence. Unfortunately Elphie broke the seal on it and left it in the hotel room, vowing to deal with the letter another day.

As the caravan set out for the evening you came across another caravan that had been destroyed, the tops of the heads and the brains of the caravaners missing. You found a weird symbol laying in the dirt there, and Elphie took it for safe keeping.

You ran across several ants, and killed them with the help of Bruce.

You then made it to the Centipede House, only to discover that Silus the Centurion was waiting for you with several men, and a weird merchant was there who had stopped for trade named Calvin. Silus struck a deal with Bruce aka Courier Six about letting you guys disable the traps in the house so he could gets some books Caesar wants that Tobuscus was rumored to have. Thad nearly blew himself up in the process, but you retrieved the circuit board, and made it to the rear where Silus rewarded you with several valuable books.

You also checked the computer Tobuscus had you take apart. It turns out the computer was hooked into an NCR information network and you discovered that Maria Saint Lawrence the woman you were supposed to give the letter to is rumored to be the leader of some sort of cult, and her daddy is supposed to be ex enclave.

ELphie then seduced Robert, one of the head merchants for the caravan, in exchange for a night in Tobucus’s bed, and you spent the rest of the night resting up


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