Bruce Elmetto

The infamous Courier Six, scourge of the Mojave, Destroyer of the white legs, traitor to the NCR and one smooth mother fucker


Suddenly you’re face to face with a tall dark haired man with the most charming pair of blue eyes you’ve ever looked into. He extends his hand, cracks a joke, and you quickly forget that he is almost entirely responsible for the fall of New Vegas and Hoover Dam at the hands of Caesar.

Bruce woke up in a medical cot in Goodsprings, the dirt from his grave still clinging to his clothes. Saved from a grave by a robot named Victor, working on behalf of the enigmatic Robert House, Bruce took off across the Mojave desert looking for the man in the checkered suit who shot him in the head and left him for dead.

While looking for his would be murder Bruce murdered the over 200 year old man named Robert house, reached out to the Boomers on behalf of Caesar, blew up a transport train going from the NCR’s main military base to New Vegas, murdered General Oliver, and primed the desert landscape for Caesar’s dominance.

Only upon returning to his hotel room to brush the blood of battle from his body, did Bruce begin to regret to side with Caesar. As the citizens of New Vegas who were to brave, poor, or stupid were enslaved or executed around him, it was the absence of one Veronica Santangelo that made Bruce regret his choices.

The ceremony where a coin was dedicated in Bruce’s honor was rushed by the courier, who spent the next several days checking the burial pits and slave pens for Veronica. Restlessly he shifted from holding pen to holding pen, looking for the woman who had stolen his heart (despite being a lesbian and wanting not part of his man meat). When he had finally exhausted his search, Bruce set off towards New Reno, hoping to join up with a caravan and perhaps run across Veronica again some day in his travels.

When the characters first meet up with Bruce it has been over six months since the fall of Hoover Dam, and Bruce is now a happy employee of the Eastern Sands Caravan. He works as head guard alongside his bosses Jeremiah and Lori Johnson. In the mean time Bruce has been trying to make peace with the possibility that he will never see Veronica again, but at the same time he still hopes that some day he can redeem himself by reuniting with her… never mind he killed her entire family when he blew up the Brotherhood of Steel bunker…The truth is Veronica is just a symbol to Bruce, something to put hope on, so that he will not go crazy with the realization that he helped evil win.


Bruce Elmetto

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