Casandra Moore

Colonel for the New California Republic Army


Colonel Casandra Moore grew up in the rough parts of the NCR. Her three brothers combined with the harsh reality of poverty in the wasteland served to keep her on the toes, and able to scrap with the best of them.

A quick way out of the poor house was to join the army, so Casandra Moore joined her brothers and started a military career. A stern over achiever Casandra quickly ended up as one of the elite Desert Rangers sent to protect the Mojave from the encroaching evil of Caesar’s Legion.

During a skirmish Casandra as hurt by a bullet. Her body wounded but her spirit strong she took a desk job in the Mojave rather than retire from military service. Annoyed at the lack of action and thick paper work Casandra served a strong fist ready to fight against Caesar and regain New Vegas.

The characters meet Col. Moore while they are trying to retrieve the moose head for Tobuscus. Moore allows them to take the moose head (unaware that it was even a moose), provided they give her any information they can scrounge on a man named Bruce Elmetto. Rosa also finds out, the hard way, that Col Moore is not a lesbian.


Casandra Moore

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