Jeremiah Johnson

Partial Owner of Eastern Sands Caravans


Jeremiah Johnson grew up in the caravan trade. An honest yet shrewd business man he saw the potential for profit doing trade in the neutral areas of the Mojave. While he does not approve of the Legion’s tendency to make good men and women into slaves (in more ways than one), he see’s no difference between their tactics and the legalized Slavers Guild that exists inside of the NCR. Choosing to trade with a less popular faction, Jeremiah has made a nice living for himself, but at the cost of his reputation and ability to trade with the NCR.

While the Legion provides protections in it’s land, the NCR does not. While the Legion assures his trade routs are free and clear, the NCR does not. While the Legion allows licensed trade organisations to operate with in it’s boarders the NCR promotes organisations like the Crimson Caravan which are both state sanctions and participants in contractual slavery. Unwilling to hold his men in such bondage Jeremiah sells goods to anyone who will do honest trade with him, and refuses to worry about the rest.

When he was a caravan guard and trader early in his career he met a wild young woman named Lori and fell in love. Lori was a neon colored Goddess who reminded him why he was working so hard. Luckily she felt the same way, enjoying his strength and good sense. They were soon married, and started a successful business together. Jeremiah handles trade on the Legion side of the Mojave, leaving his wife Lori to take care of business in New Reno where she is safer.


Jeremiah Johnson

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