Lori Johnson

Partial Owner of Eastern Sands Caravans


Lori was born to raider parents who left her to pretty much raise herself in the wastes. A youth spent stealing and smuggling goods between settlements came to an end when she was caught by a caravan guard one night. The caravan guard was captivated with her personality and quick whit and struck a deal with Lori for her to work off the price of what she stole through honest labor.

Pleased at her new life, Lori eventually married another caravaner and started their own company trading with Legion out of New Vegas, and then later New Reno. Because of the Legion’s misogyny and the risk of smarting off to the wrong person and becoming a slave, Lori mostly runs the business on the New Reno side, leaving her husband Jeremiah to trade with the Legion.

Lori is also known for tendency to party. She has a taste for both trouble and alcohol due to being raised by raiders, and can make enemies fast. Able to hold her own in a fight, Lori’s quick tongue and strong nature are what keeps her alive.


Lori Johnson

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