Centurion for Caesar's Legion and Slave Collar Lover


“Tell me what did the Legion do to you?
Did we Enslave your children?
Slaughter your family before your eyes to teach you a lesson?
Whatever it was I hope I was there to give the order.”

Silus was born to a wild tribe on the edge of New Mexico. The tribe was conquered by Caesar’s Legion while he was just young enough to still be useful to the Legion as a solider trainee.

Silus’s life was changed from this moment on. No longer was he the beloved son of a tribe who worked to raise him to be a good man, instead he spent his days beaten and treated like a dog in order to break him down and reforge him as a strong soldier for Caesar.

It worked, in a few short years Silus had transformed form a peaceful tribal to a blood thirsty Legionary ready to kill and be killed for his leader. Due to his large size and ferocity Silus quickly rose up in ranks among the Legion, achieving the rank of Decanus and then Centurion at a far younger age than most Legionaries. Unfortunately what Legionary training did not erase for Silus is a sense of self preservation and a mind conditioned to question the authority of those over him.

During a routine drill in the desert, Silus’s men were attacked by a group of desert rangers working for the NCR. Taken by surprise Silus’s men were driven back into a hopeless position, and one after another Silus watched as his soldiers slit their own throat rather than be taken captive and risk betraying information to Caesar’s enemies. As he stood in the red dirt of the Mojave, the bodies of his dead and dying men all around him, Silus pulled his blade, but was unable to slit his own throat.

“Why would I choose this when Caesar grows weaker by the day and I know myself to be to strong to give up any useful information to the NCR?” Silus thought to himself as the NCR soldiers surrounded him with their guns drawn.

Disarmed, defrocked of his hat, and pissed off at his own cowardice, Silus sat in silence as the soldiers gloated at their good fortune in capturing one of Caesar’s top field commanders alive. Quietly he moved town the halls of Camp MaCarran, moving towards a lonely cell where he would spend the next days of his life being interrogated by Lt. Carrie Boyd (Who Silus quickly grew to loathe).

After some time Silus began to realize the NCR had protocol in place that prevented him from being tortured or mistreated by any citizen of the NCR. Fortunately for him Lt. Carrie Boyd recruited a Courier named Bruce Elmetto who was making a name for himself around New Vegas. Bruce turned out to be in league with Caesar, and assisted Silus in his escape from Camp McCarrian.

Silus returned to Caesar’s fort to face the wrath of his dictator. Caesar, impressed with Silus’s cunning in escaping, but still angered at his refusal to commit suicide as order, decided to bust Silus back to the rank of Decanus and have him beaten severely as an example for his men.

At the battle for Hoover Dam Silus once again proved his worth by taking a strategic area of the dam that would have otherwise taken some time to clear out. Caesar was pleased and restored Silus’s title, but still punished him by giving him the worst details in the Mojave.

The Characters meet Silus for the first time at Tobuscus’s Centipede house. Silus is rude to everyone but Bruce, who he owes a great debt. Silus an agreement with the players to allow them to take what they need from the house, provided he be allowed to remove several books from the back that Caesar had sent him to find.



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