Tobuscus the Great, Ghoul survivor of nuclear holocaust


“When you first meet him you have to greet him as ‘Tobuscus the Great.’” A pale woman told you over a glass of whiskey at the Tiny Tops.

Toby never speaks much of his life before the bombs. All that seems to be left after those days is a creeping paranoia, strong computer skills, and a magnetic personality. Currently Toby is working for the NCR hacking terminals in a cave. The cave offers access to communication conduates running the New Vegas that seems to still be transmitting Data. Toby is working on these lines in hope that the NCR will be able to spy on the Legion from the remains of Robert House’s infrastructure.

Not caring how long it takes you because the longer it works the more money he gets from the NCR, Toby sends the adventurers out on three missions:

1. to get a computer board out of his hold centipede house
2. to get a moose head from the NCR offices
3. to get a small green box from the Dundger Griffin paper company in Little Washoe.

More information….

After going to the Dunder Griffin paper company you discovered that Tobucus was going to marry a woman named Pam before the war. Pam seems to have died in the war. You also found out from several terminals that Pam was having an affair with someone in the office, unknown to Toby.



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