Fallout: Exodus: The Road to Funk

You can’t miss what you can’t measure

Tiger tiger

3/2/13- Exodus: Road to Funk- You can’t miss what you can’t measure-
The Caravan realized it had been going south instead of north and paused on the edge of a settlement being raided by Legion. As soon as they realized what they were approaching everyone threw off contraband. Having papers in order the caravan made some small trades with the raiders and followed directions north. At this point the players chose to scavenge tossed of contraband.

Randall chose to cross examine one of the caravan traders who showed suspicious behavior during the Legion inspection. What information he obtained from her remains between them. Aria received information from Bruce, but nothing of importance to their current mission.

The group was then sent out to collect food to help make up for supplies spent traveling. They were asked to bring back at least one Big-horner, and instead Sven started a stampede involving 22 mole rats. The molerats overwhelmed the group and took the life of Randall. The next day Aria, Sven and another member of the caravan named King Rex went out and successfully hunted a Big Horn.

Supplied up, the group made their way to the “Craters of the Moon.” A former national park in southern Idaho. Their they were greeted by beautiful murals painted from chalk and mosaics of the stars made from broken bottles, bits of metal, and other shiny things. They were greeted at the entrance to a series of caves by a rhinestone lined robot named the Bootzilla-bot.

The Bootzilla-bot welcomed everyone to Chocolate City and took them to a cave where a ghoul named George Clinton introduced himself. He turns out to be a survivor of the apocalypse who has created a society “on the one” and in them image of “Funkentelecy.” During this period the caravan leader, Jeremiah, was dubbed the Starchild-what this means, no one knows.

Clinton informed the group of a rival city called Groovless Bootay, run by an incarnation of Sir Nose Devoid of funk. He expressed a concern the caravan may be harboring people promoting Zero-Funkativity and asked them to complete a series of tasks set forth by Bootzilla-bot.

Bootzilla-bot’s first assignment involved ridding their cattle of a pesky tiger. Sven, Aria, and Rex chose to purchase TNT from the shaky explosives dealer, Barbra, and successfully killed the tiger though a combination of good tactics, explosives, and bullets. The tiger killed and the group victorious Bootzilla-bot met them on the path back to town, congratulated them, and informed them of their next mission: Unite Chocolate City with the schismatic group known as the Thumpasorus people.


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