Fallout: Exodus: The Road to Funk

Wayward Ho

Sex, Radroaches, and rock and roll

On the last adventure everyone resupplied in New Reno.

After Elphie and Rosa had a good ole’ time down at the gay bar, they met up with Thad and Camel who had both made a lot of money at their chosen professions.

The meeting with Coronal Moore was successful, and they were given the 150lbs moose head, despite having found a computer component int he head. The moose-head is currently being saved in Thad’s room because of how much weight it takes up on the donkey.

They also met up with Robert, who shared some information about his coworker Bruce Elmetto, also known as Courier Six, who seems to be rather notorious with the NCR, and has been selling uniforms he salvaged from Hoover Dam. Robert convinced the group to join Eastern Sands Caravan as it is progressing towards a place Tobuscus has sent the group, and during the meeting with Lori and Jeremiah (the owners), Elphie was hit on by Bruce.

It turns out that Jesse, Joey, and Danny all have jobs at the tops, and were happy to share juice and hugs with our adventurers.

After recovering from a wild night full of juice the gang went south to Little Washoe and were contracted to kill the cats that were keeping people out of the Blunder Griffin paper company. Sheriff Petey The Sheriff will only surrender the money if the adventurers clean out the abandoned building, and our session ended when the group was going back to town after killing 5 rad roaches. They were all headed to town to rest and try to fix Thad’s weapon.


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