Camel-Deceased April 2012

Looking for love in some of the wrong places . . .


Killed by a bear on the rode to Zion. He died nobly defending his friends from death.


Born and raised in a Vault, I learned my current trade at a young age. Being the son of two rather religious parents, I spent most of my time being ignored in place of the greater good. I soon learned that there were other people in the Vault as lonely as me, either looking for someone to talk to or someone to keep them company through the evening with certain favors. It helped fill a hole that I knew existed but didn’t know what it was.

After being freed from my life on the inside, I followed my first girlfriend Elphie and our new companions Thad and Rosa. I’m excited to see the world that I only knew about through videos and reading. I like to help fund our adventures with getting to know new people and spending some quiet nights having some fun. Maybe one day I’ll be able to settle down in this new world and be able to return to a somewhat peaceful life as I had in the Vault. But for now, I will continue to collect the tales that I experience and maybe share them with those who just want to talk.

Oh, and apparently I’m not that good with a sniper rifle.

Camel-Deceased April 2012

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